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Once upon a time...

Two serial entrepreneurs, Eric Lefkofsky and Brad Keywell decided to start a fund – while they had always started companies, they wanted to start investing in companies and helping other entrepreneurs succeed. This was no ordinary fund, it was the culmination of 20+ years of company building. It all started with Starbelly back in 1999 – and continued with Innerworkings (NASDAQ:INWK), Echo Global Logistics (NASDAQ:ECHO), MediaOcean, Groupon (NASDAQ:GRPN), and more. Having raised over $1.5 billion in capital over the years into companies that they started, producing over $10 billion in equity value, it was time to open their doors and network to a new class of entrepreneurs. And Lightbank was born...

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Investment Professionals


Lightbank has been an incredible partner for us. They truly get into the trenches and are unwavering in their support. From the start, they fully believed in our vision and invested with real conviction. If you’re looking for your first institutional investor, you have to talk with lightbank - they are the real deal.

Kyle Nakatsuji, Founder CEO Clearcover


From concept, to pivot, to growth; lightbank has always been there for us. We wouldn’t be an in business let alone an industry leader without them

Brad Weisberg, Founder & CEO Snapsheet