Work With Us

  • So You Want Lightbank in Your Corner...

  • The Answer Is


    Does Anyone Want What You Are Making?

    Are You solving a problem?

    Filling a void? Changing an industry? Saving time and money? Is your product/service a “nice-to-have” feature or a true game-changer? We hope you’re thinking as big as we are and the answers are ‘yes’.

  • Adapting to What


    Why are you going to win?

    What is your unfair advantage?

    If it’s worth doing, someone else will do it. There will be fast followers too. We back founders that can compete and win. Markets will change, crazy stuff will happen. We’ve seen our fair share of it. We look for founders that grind it out for the win no matter what. What’s your advantage and why you’ll win?

  • Understanding


    Can you tell a good story?

    Leaders must be able to inspire.

    Can you paint the picture of your vision that will inspire people to work for you and fight on matter what? Does your vision and product excite customers, partners and later stage investors? We support entrepreneurs with a vision that can get enterprises and consumers to change their way of doing things. We like entrepreneurs going after or creating large markets with customers that see the value of paying a premium.

  • Providing Substantial


    What Do You Want In An Investor?

    Value in Partnership.

    This question is as important as us asking you about your business. If you just want a check, you probably aren’t in the right place. We look for opportunities to provide substantial value to the entrepreneurs that we partner with, and we’re big proponents of entrepreneurs getting to know their investors. We have a lot of operational experience among our team, but we’ll be the first to admit that we don’t have everything for everyone. If you can pinpoint areas in which you need help from partners, advisors, and investors, then we can figure out how we can help. Since we’ll be spending a lot of time together – let’s make sure we have good chemistry.