Who & What I Like to Invest In



Who & What I Like to Invest In

As the latest member to join the lightbank team, I thought it might be helpful to give some perspective on the people and spaces I like to invest in. Who - I like the entrepreneurs that embrace the grind. Those that hustle, aren't scared of the shots and challenges that come when you’re building a game changing company and likely don't have what some would consider a perfect resume. What - after spending over 15 years in financial services and doing fintech investing, this is the space where I can help entrepreneurs. I’ve been fortunate enough to invest in many of the leaders in fintech and can leverage decades worth of first-hand industry experience, insight and a vast network of contacts to help you build your company. I like insurance (long before it had a label or became a thing called “insurtech”), banking, investment management as well as blockchain, IOT and regtech. The enabling technologies and convergences of financial services with cyber, data / analytics and consumer are spaces l love as well.

Financial services are critical to the wellbeing of families, communities and the very fabric of society. It is broken and won’t be fixed by traditional methodologies or incumbents. If you hustle, are innovating in fintech and have a true passion for financial services (warning: if you are a poser, it usually takes me all of 5 minutes to figure that out); we should talk.

REMEMBER, lightbank is a TEAM of AMAZING INVESTORS! It’s not just fintech, Eric Lefkofsky, Brad Keywell, Bill Pescatello and Rick Zullo have fantastic experience and track records in enterprise software, marketplace, data / analytics, media and consumer!