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    Investment Stage



    and in between.

    We sometimes invest alongside other VC's in series B or C.

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    Investment Size



    $5 Million

    But our sweet spot is

    $1-2 Million.

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    We can proudly claim that we are unique in who we are based on where we are located – we are among the most active investors east of the west coast, and we think our Chicago/Midwest heritage is one of our great strengths. A map of our investments shows geographic diversity that distinguishes us. That being said, we’re pretty location-agnostic along as it’s reachable by traditional methods (that said, we tend to stay within the US and Canada - and we do love to find gems in less traveled markets - what’s up Omaha?

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    Uniquely Flexible

    We have a wide


    We are uniquely flexible and are not bound by a narrow focus or selected verticals. We have invested in diverse companies from enterprise startups to mobile gaming companies and are looking for that next great idea that will disrupt yet another industry.